Performance of Waste-Based Slow-Release Fertilizer on Kentucky Bluegrass Home Lawn Type Turf

Lyons, E.M.
Jordan, K.
Carey, K.
Gunn, E.
Porter, A.
Czyrny, A.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

This study was conducted to test the performance of the sponsor's fertilizer when added to Kentucky bluegrass in a home lawn turf. Data was collected on colour, shoot growth, turf quality, density, uniformity and resistance to disease. Overall all the plots that received treatment had a higher nitrogen status than the unfertilized plot. The visual ratings (quality, colour, density, and uniformity) were also higher than the unfertilized plot although the variations were small. A clear effect was seen in response to the Rothsay treatment. The plots received 2x having the greatest positive response, 1.5x having an intermediate response and 1x having the smallest positive response over the control.

Guelph Turfgrass Institute, 2006, Annual reports, Kentucky Bluegrass, Slow-release Fertilizer, Lawn-type turf, sandy loam rootzone, Rothsay, chlorophyll index, vegetation index
Lyons, E., K. Jordan, K. Carey, E. Gunn, A. Porter, and A. Czyrny. 2006. Performance of waste-based slow-release fertilizer on Kentucky bluegrass home lawn type turf. Guelph Turfgrass Inst. Res. Rep. 20:p. 10-14.