Factors affecting the use, misuse and disuse of in-vehicle navigation systems for wayfinding

Varden, Andrew
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University of Guelph

In this study we have examined factors of in-vehicle navigation system (IVNS) use, misuse and disuse with experienced IVNS users. Trust in IVNSs is high and respondents find the devices to be accurate and highly reliable. The perceived risk of using an IVNS is low or almost non-existent. Respondents are not concerned about distraction or being lead astray. They understand IVNSs are not perfect and described errors they have encountered. They do not blindly follow their systems because they know errors can--and do--occur. Respondents prefer to follow directions from an INNS not only because of trust, accuracy and reliability, but also because the systems are easy to use, convenient, and they stay with driver giving directions as needed. Drivers do not need to use an IVNS if they are already familiar with the area, but some choose to do so anyways because it takes little effort.

in-vehicle navigation system, use, misuse, disuse, experienced IVNS users, IVNS