Assessing the Impact of Customer Management Training on Firm Performance

Kamran, Shaheer
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University of Guelph

This paper explores the impact of customer relationship management training activities and delivery types on firm performance. By using transactional level data from an insurance company, a binary logit model was used. Six training programs and four delivery types along with branch size and seasonality were the independent variables, while borrower conversation ratio, a performance measure specific to the insurance industry, was the dependent variable. This research paper builds on customer relationship management training literature and guides managers in choosing the optimum training programs and the media chosen to transmit the training programs. Two training programs, branch size and seasonality were shown to be associated with high performance. However, the delivery type and interaction between training programs was shown to have no relationship with change in performance. This could be due to the lack of balanced data.

Customer Relationship Management, CRM, Training, Firm Performance