Mobile Abattoirs in the Context of Canadian Local Food System Development: Niches and the Potential for Local Food System Resiliency

Pinkney, Desiree
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University of Guelph

Research conducted for this thesis focused on the unique local livestock processing models of mobile and modular abattoirs. The research aimed to answer the research question: Do mobile or modular abattoirs present potential for Ontario in terms of a) increasing access to local livestock slaughtering and processing and b) creating a more robust local food system generally. Methods used in the research included a literature review, jurisdictional scans, key informant interviews and case studies. Results of this research show that mobile and modular abattoirs can increase access to local livestock slaughtering and processing and can contribute to the development of more robust local food systems. Mobile and modular abattoirs also face a range of business challenges that must be considered when adopting the mobile processing business model. Overall, this evidence-based research suggests that mobile and modular abattoirs do present opportunity for the Ontario context and particularly for Northern Ontario.

mobile abattoir, modular abattoir, local food, local meat, food system resiliency, Canada, Ontario, British Colombia