An exploratory study of gay professionals' clothing consumption behavior

Sha, Ou
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University of Guelph

The primary objective was to develop a better understanding toward a niche consumer group, gay professionals' clothing consumption behavior. Ajzen and Fishbein's (1980) theory of "Reasoned Action" served as the theoretical framework for this study. Extended theoretical framework was proposed and empirical evidence was collected. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were employed in this study. Personal in-depth interviews were conducted with 13 gay professionals. Survey methodology was applied and 145 usable survey questionnaires were collected from gay professionals on their perceptions toward fashion in clothing consumption behavior. The Fashion Involvement Index Scale (FII Scale) developed by Tigert, Ring, and King (1976) was adopted for this study. This study utilized quantitative data to supplement the qualitative findings. The results of the study indicated the relevant clothing cultural values, social influential groups and marketing mix elements for this consumer group. The results also indicated the average fashion involvement level for this sample group. Theoretical and managerial implications are also discussed.

gay professionals, clothing consumption behavior, Fashion Involvement Index Scale, marketing, cultural values