O. A. C. Review Volume XXXIV Issue 11, July 1922

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Ontario Agricultural College

The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the work of the Dominion Fruit Branch, over production of eggs in the Canadian poultry industry, and the development of the Northern Nut Growers Association. One student shares a travel diary from an excursion to Paris while another student comments that inferior rural education contributes to the "rural problemヤ. Included in this issue is an account of the founding of Macdonald Institute. Beginning in this issue is an article addressing the need for consolidating rural schools to improve rural education. Campus news reports on the controversy of the removal of the formal flowerbeds, and the athletic track and field events. While this issue does not contain a Macdonald column, there is an article on the graduation exercises of the Macdonald Institute. The Alumni column contains notes on the Second Annual O. A. C. Reunion, and alumni and alumnae updates.

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