Strengths to Grow – Preteen: Evaluating a strengths-based parenting program.

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University of Guelph

Pre-adolescence is a sensitive developmental period that invites opportunities for the promotion of child wellbeing. This may be accomplished using positive parenting programs, which can support optimal development by teaching parents evidenced-based wellbeing promotion strategies. While many positive parenting programs exist, limitations regarding their accessibility and/or engagingness may reduce their effectiveness and reach. Addressing the need for an accessible and engaging positive parenting program for preteens, Strengths to Grow – Preteen (StG-P) was developed and launched to all parents of preteens in an Ontario schoolboard. This study investigates parents’ perceptions of StG-P (engagement levels, use of program techniques, program helpfulness, and predictors of satisfaction). In line with hypotheses, parents found StG P to be engaging, satisfying, and reported using program techniques after completing StG-P. In addition, parent engagement and use of StG-P techniques predicted satisfaction with StG-P. This study suggests that StG-P may be well-suited to support caregivers in parenting preteen children.

child development, positive psychology, parenting intervention, pre-adolescence, wellbeing