Expression of foreign gene sequences mediated by chicken lysozyme gene regulatory sequences

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Lampard, Gregory Raymond
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University of Guelph

Use of the chicken lysozyme gene regulatory domain may facilitate the production of a transgenic chicken bioreactor capable of producing valuable proteins deposited in egg white. Research reported here illustrates that sequences encoding green fluorescent protein (GFP) can be fused to the 3' terminus of the lysozyme signal peptide encoding sequence and be expressed correctly under the control of the cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter or the lysozyme gene regulatory domain in transiently transfected chicken blastodermal cells (CBCs). Concentration of GFP fluorescence around the periphery of these transfected CBCs suggested that GFP was being actively secreted from these cells. Furthermore, a generic lysozyme gene regulatory scaffold system has been developed by gene targeting that enables the rapid insertion of exogenous gene sequences into the chicken lysozyme gene domain, 3' of the signal peptide encoding sequence. This system will facilitate research to further test the ability of chicken lysozyme gene regulatory sequences to mediate the secretion of foreign proteins.

chicken lysozyme gene, regulatory sequences, green fluorescent protein, cytomegalovirus promoter, chicken blastodermal cells