Pittock Watershed: Livestock manure management and water quality study

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The main objective was to assess the environmental impacts of livestock and practices associated with the handling and storage of livestock manure on water quality in a subwatershed of the Upper Thames River and to define what remedial measures or financial incentives are required to reduce harmful impacts to acceptable levels. The experience gained from this subwatershed would then be transferred to the Thames as a whole and possibly to all livestock farms in Ontario. In addition, the study goals were to: (a) verify, quantitatively the effects of various practices. (b) determine the views of the livestock farmers with respect to pollution, grants, existing programs, and goals. (c) determine existing practices related to livestock management. (d) make relevant recommendation based on the above.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports
water quality, livestock, livestock manure, remediation, livestock management, bacteria, coliforms