The threshold for use of vegetation in mitigating streambank erosion in Southern Ontario

Farrell, Laurian M.
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the use of vegetation in mitigating streambank erosion in alluvial channels in Southern Ontario. While vegetation plays an important role in providing stability to streambanks, the magnitude of the influence is uncertain. The general parameters that affect bank stability have been presented in terms of scale, spatial variation, temporal factors, and mechanisms of erosion. Vegetation may influence the process of erosion by altering one, or all, of the following mechanisms: (1) the geotechnical properties of the bank; (2) the bank hydrology; and (3) the character of flow hydraulics. A literature review was conducted and a synthesis of the major research findings is presented, which examines the effect of vegetation on the channel forming process. Considerations for the design and management of natural channels and recommendations for future research are provided.

vegetation, mitigation, streambank, erosion, alluvial channels, bank stability, geotechnical properties, bank hydrology, flow hydraulics