Research Magazine Spring 2007 - Focus on Farming

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Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge (SPARK)
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University of Guelph

In this issue: Mushroom production makes premium compost; Cold-tolerant potatoes for chips; Rust-resistant soybeans; Improvements in Ontario's popular asparagus variety; Computer program helps with weed management; Better manure and tillage practices; Controlling giant hogweed; Sugar beet quality gets a boost; Top wheat varieties identified; These peas resist powdery mildew disease; Herbicide drift can affect nearby crops; Taking responsibility for water quality; Ridding canola of cabbage seedpod weevils; Developing soybeans for biodiesel; Production innovations for Ontario apple growers; Reducing greenhouse gas on the farm; Agri-food research developments in Ontario; Farming innovations at the University of Guelph; Reducing lameness in dairy cattle; Liquid feed systems for Ontario swine producers; Cattle disease has far-reaching effects; New device detects degenerative is ease in sheep; Digestion in cattle gets help from more enzymes; Genetic selection for beef tenderness; Yeast fibres protect chickens from intestinal damage; Dairy diets should cut back on phosphorus; Environmental effects of swine farms; Growth rates in chickens for optimal development; Mycotoxins are magnified in distillers grains; Helpful bacteria boost chicken immunity