miRNAs in Bovine Ovarian Follicular Development and Angiogenesis

Antunes, Joshua
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University of Guelph

miRNAs have emerged as potent regulators of gene expression at a post-transcriptional level. Recent research has suggested that miRNAs contribute to ovarian follicular development and angiogenesis. This study aims to identify the expression of miRNAs in the ovary relating to TSP1 and VEGF. qPCR demonstrated differential expression of the evaluated miRNAs and high upregulation occurring in cystic follicles. FISH was performed to localize some of the miRNAs evaluated and in the case of let-7a, their location changes through development. miRNAs from ECs and SIGCs were also evaluated following VEGF and 3TSR treatment with little change in miRNA expression occurring and many of the changes suggested the miRNAs to have alternate roles in cell survival rather than angiogenesis. Taken together, we have identified cohorts of miRNAs differentially expressed in the developing ovarian follicle and in cystic disease.

miRNAs, ovarian follicle development, cystic ovarian disease