O. A. C. Review Volume XXXV Issue 3, November 1922

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Ontario Agricultural College

Highlighted in this issue is a history of the O. A. C. Dairy School since 1891, and the opening of the Ontario Veterinary College. Other articles in this issue pertain to British agriculture, and the timber supply in Ontario. Students offer perspectives on Christianity and a naval account during the 1918 Armistice. Alex Darrach, a lawyer from St. Thomas, offers his stance on human character. The editorial comments on the delays with the building of the War Memorial Hall and establishing a memorial scholarship from the sale of the book Bits O' Bronze. Campus news reports on the freshmen initiation with the flag fight, changes to the faculty, and the success of the livestock judging team. The Alumni column contains a note on the O. A. C. Alumni Association of Winnipeg, and alumni and alumnae updates. The Macdonald Institute column highlights the success of the women's initiation and field day.

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