Women creating a space for our advancement: A case study

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Poirier, Therese Thelen
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University of Guelph

This case study identifies elements in a group process which facilitate the development of women so we can take our place in the decision-making arenas of our lives. The investigation takes place within the framework the United Nations World Conferences on Women over the past 20 years, the spiritual perspective of the Baha'i Faith, feminist pedagogy and adult education literature. The case study consists of a group of five women who met on a weekly basis for ten weeks and follow-up groups for a year. A loosely organized structure encouraged the women to take control of the agenda. Several developmental activities were suggested--reflective journaling, making a life line, writing out our world view, making a thought cloth, exploring our mother-daughter relationships. We planned a project to share our experience with other women.

women, decision-making, United Nations World Conferences on Women, agenda, feminist pedagogy