Supplementary files for A Novel Method to Convert Synthetic GPR Data to EKKO Format Using MATLAB®

Dawrea, Aseel
Zytner, Richard G.
Donald, John
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Two supplementary files associated with this article are Supplementary Data-A and Supplementary Data-B. Supplementary Data-A is MATLAB code, HDF5 Header File Script, to convert the co_data generated by TM.m file into a hdf5 file, to be used later with EKKO software. Supplementary Data-B is MATLAB® code, HD and DT1 File Scripts to create .HD & .DT1 files extensions. The scripts were developed on a computer with the following properties, Intel ® CORE (TM) i7-3520 CPU 2.9GHz, with RAM 16.0GB. MATLAB® software is needed to write the codes in MATLAB® language (MathWorks, 2018). The required size for installing MATLAB® is 3.1 GB of HDD space. EKKO software is available from Sensors & Software (2019). The minimum required size for installing EKKO is 2GB. The MATLAB® scripts were generated by Aseel Dawrea, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Engineering, University of Guelph,

GPR, MATLAB, NAPL, data processing, unsaturated soil