O. A. C. Review Volume XXXIII Issue 12, August 1921

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Ontario Agricultural College

Agricultural articles in this issue pertain to local agricultural education, the profitability of farming, a review of the activities of the Dominion Livestock Branch, and a report on Cold Storage of the Dairy Branch of the Department of Agriculture. Reprinted is Professor Jones' paper on bacteriological instruction in schools. Other articles address the aerial forest survey of Northern Ontario, and the importance of lightning protection. Professor Unwin continues his series on Canadian literature. Introduced this month is a new series on great musicians and a wartime story by B. A. Ward. The Alumni column contains graduation photographs of each of the O. A. C. class of 1921 graduates with surnames from "N" to "Y", and each of the Macdonald Institute class of 1921 graduates. Also included are alumni and alumnae updates. This issue does not contain a Macdonald column.

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