Application of Dietary Fibre from Agricultural Products in Bread

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Liu, Zhouyilin
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University of Guelph

This thesis investigated the chemical, structural, and bioactivity characteristics of fibres from sunflower stalk pith (SSP). The sunflower fibres and yellow mustard gum (YMG) were applied in bread making. The yield of sodium hexametaphosphate-extractable pectin (SEP) and residue fraction (RF) were 20.93% and 71.10%, respectively. The high galacturonic content in chemical analysis and the characteristic peaks in FT-IR analysis confirmed the identity of SEP as pectin. The inhibitory effect of SEP/TP complexes against human salivary α-amylase were affected by both the composition and concentration of inhibitors. SEP had no significant inhibitory effect against α-amylase, but significant inhibitory effect was found in SEP/TP complexes. The dough properties were modified by three fibres (SSP, RF, YMG) in different manners at three substitution levels (6%, 9%, 12%). The specific volume reduction and crumb hardening effects were observed in all the fibre-substituted bread. In conclusion, YMG-TP bread had least influence on the bread quality.

dietary fibre, sunflower, bread, dough, tea polyphenol