Developing guidelines for conserving the works of Stanley Thompson, Golden Age golf course architect

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Brown, Kirsten L.
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University of Guelph

The Golden Age of golf course architecture has provided some of the most notable examples of naturalistic and strategic design in North America. Therefore, understanding features integral to expressing the designer's original vision should be a decisive first step in planning alterations to Golden Age courses. This study develops guidelines formulated specifically to evaluate golf courses designed by Canadian, Stanley Thompson. The research investigates two distinct topics, using independent studies for each to: extract Thompson's principles (53) from his thoughts and philosophies on design through historical research; and, to develop a conservation framework through comparison of current heritage conservation policies and best practices from Canada, United States and United Kingdom and a synthesis of relevant concepts. Thompson's design principles are then integrated with the conservation framework to generate detailed guidelines that can be used to inventory and evaluate the significance and integrity of original and extant features of his designs.

Stanley Thompson, Golf course architect, Golden age, Conservation policies, Best practices