Nuclear structure of cadmium-112 through studies of beta decay

Green, Kathryn L.
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University of Guelph

The cadmium isotopes, especially 112Cd, have been considered exceptional examples of vibrational nuclei. Previous studies of this pivotal nucleus have lacked sensitivity to weak low-energy branches, often the most important transitions to establish collectivity. A high-statistics measurement of the [beta] decays of 112Ag and 112In to 112Cd was performed using the 8[pi] [gamma]-ray spectrometer at the TRIUMF-ISAC facility to determine the detailed nuclear structure of 112Cd. The interacting boson model is used to predict the level energies and electromagnetic transition strengths in 112Cd and compare them with experimental results. Details of the experimental data at higher energies cannot be reproduced in 112Cd, revealing a breakdown of vibrational motion at the 3-phonon level. Thus, there is a possibility that 112Cd does not behave as a vibrational nucleus and the fundamental physics describing its motion is missing.

cadmium isotopes, 112Cd, nuclear structure, vibrational nuclei, interacting boson model, level energy, electromagnetic transition strengths