Centering Relationality: Connecting to the Embodied Animacy of Water

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Reilly, Kristen
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University of Guelph

This thesis began as a response to the magnitude of damage currently being enacted upon Water and the Earth. Focusing on the waterways through a spiritual, bodily, and emotional lens in respective chapters, I emphasize the need for the development of relationship to move towards healing. This thinking is shaped by many Indigenous women writers alongside other important decolonial voices, all of whom highlight the sacrality of Water. The awareness of an animate natural world contrasts with dominant Western narratives which often assume Water and Earth as material resources. Throughout this writing, I discuss the importance of examining underlying cultural values when responding to the climate emergency and the potential that stories carry to create and strengthen relationships between human beings and Water.

Collective Body of Earth, Freeing Imagination from the Fear Response, Attunement to Local Water, Embodied Animacy of Water, Relationship to Water, Decolonizing Water, Examining Dominant Narratives