Investigating the expression of shcd during embryonic development and its role in cellular differentiation

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Hawley, Steve
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University of Guelph

Src homology and collagen (Shc) proteins function as molecular adaptors in signaling pathways mediated by cell surface receptors. Of the four mammalian Shc proteins, ShcD is the least characterized. To better understand the physiological role of ShcD signaling, we have utilized several approaches to explore the anatomical distribution and cellular function. In the mouse embryo, we found that ShcD shares spatial expression patterns with that of other Shc proteins, but unique areas of expression were also identified. We investigated the developmental function of ShcD using a new mouse line with putative ablated 'ShcD' function, though extensive tests revealed retained ShcD expression. As such, we moved to an 'in vitro' model and describe ShcD expression in a number of nervous system cell types. Interestingly, ShcD expression levels are associated with oligodendrocyte differentiation. Together our studies provide important insight into the function of this newly characterized protein in nervous system cell signaling.

Src homology, Shc proteins, molecular adaptors, signaling pathways, cell surface receptors, ShcD signaling, anatomical distribution, cellular function, developmental function