O. A. C. Review Volume XXIX Issue 8, April 1917

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's agricultural articles address utilizing the sectional hive in apiculture, dusting fruit trees to prevent pests, improving clover crops, how legumes may increase soil fertility, and the success of Kenora District clover seed at the Eastern Seed Fairs. Student articles feature a student's experience raising a pet skunk, a male student's impression of Macdonald Hall, and a new student's impression of life at the O. A. C. in 1917. Other articles include how literature can improve rural life, and improvements made in country homes. Campus news reports on the public speaking contest, the Athletic Concert, the Philharmonic Concert and production of the play "Pauline". Athletic news contains the results for hockey, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and aquatics meet. The Alumni column contains alumni news including additions to the honour roll, those killed in action, and the students who have enlisted.

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