Manure Nitrogen Availability to Differing Soil Textures and Crops as Affected by Manure Type and Timing of Application

Curtis, Lucas
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of nitrogen availability from manure as affected by application timing, soil type and manure type. This trial was conducted on three different sites in Southwestern Ontario, each consisting of a different soil hydrologic group. Also assessed were liquid hog manure, solid cattle manure and solid poultry manures applied to plots at three different timings (late summer, fall and spring) to determine nitrogen. A coarse soil had a higher amount of nitrate in the fall compared to finer textured soils. Manures did not have a significant interaction with application timing. It was apparent that high inorganic nitrogen manures such as liquid hog provided the most nitrogen to a corn crop while solid beef manure provided the lowest. It was found that there was a barley response to residual nitrogen in the following year of application; however, there were no significant effects other than nitrogen rate.

Manure, Nitrogen, Application timing, Soil type, Manure type