Alternative Agents for Control of European Corn Borer and Corn Flea Beetle on Sweet Corn

Bailey, J.C.
Scott-Dupree, Cynthia D.
Tolman, Jeffrey H.
Harris, C. Ronald
Harris, Brenda J.
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Small plot field trials were conducted in 2002 and 2003 to compare European corn borer (ECB) (Ostrinia nubilalisHübner) control using currently recommended insecticides, carbofuran (FURADAN® 480F) and lambda-cyhalothrin (MATADOR® 120EC), with spinosad (SUCCESS® 480SC) and Bt-sweet corn (ATTRIBUTE®). In both years, foliar applications of spinosad, lambda-cyhalothrin or carbofuran, or Bt-sweet corn significantly reduced the number of ECB stalk tunnels, percent damaged plants and number of damaged kernels, tunnels and larvae on ears at harvest compared to the untreated control. More marketable ears were harvested from plots treated with the insecticides and Bt-sweet corn treatments than from untreated controls. Small plot field trials also were conducted to investigate the efficacy against corn flea beetle (CFB) (Chaetocnema pulicaria Melsheimer) of the seed treatment insecticides, imidacloprid (GAUCHO® 480FS) and clothianidin (PONCHO® 600F). Imidacloprid was evaluated in both 2002 and 2003, clothianidin in 2003 only. Seed treatment with either insecticide significantly reduced numbers of CFB feeding damage marks compared to untreated controls. Clothianidin provided more effective control of CFB than imidacloprid. Overall, the results demonstrated that spinosad or Bt-sweet corn provided ECB control comparable to carbofuran and lambda-cyhalothrin, while imidacloprid or clothianidin seed treatments reduced sweet corn seedling injury from CFB.

European corn borer, alternate control, corn flea beetle, sweet corn
Bailey, J.C., Scott-Dupree, C.D., Tolman, J.H., Harris, C.R., and Harris, B.J. "Alternative Agents for Control of European Corn Borer and Corn Flea Beetle on Sweet Corn." Journal of Vegetable Science 11.1 (2005): 27-46.