O. A. C. Review Volume XXIII Issue 5, February 1911

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's articles pertain to the Canadian Pacific Railway creating farms to supply food for their hotels, the proper way to drive horses, the need for education in land drainage, and the success of the O. A. C. poultry judging team. Agricultural articles address the need for the importance of stable ventilation, factors of successful dairy farming, the problem of weed seeds contaminating feeding stuffs, and the profitability of producing peas and tomatoes for factories. The Poultry column contains articles on the Boston Poultry Show, and the use of the chicken incubator to increase poultry profitability. Campus news reports the success of the public speaking contest, the inauguration of the Cosmopolitan Club, the need for an alumni association, and the addresses given by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Dominion Minister of Agriculture. The Schools' and Teachers' Department column outlines the consolidation of schools in Ontario and Prince Edward Island. The Macdonald Institute column contains articles on the attributes on an educated woman, the initiation of the new girls, and the successful petition to the government to allow mixed dancing at the promenades. Alumni news is available in the Alumni column.

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