Design of Passive Methane Oxidation Biosystems for Mitigating Fugitive Methane Emissions from Closed Landfills

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Nelson, Brienne
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University of Guelph

Mitigating methane emissions from landfills, a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, is critical for Canada’s support to the Global Methane Pledge. Passive methane oxidation biosystems (PMOBs) are considered cost-effective solutions to reduce fugitive CH4 emissions that are not captured by gas collection systems. The objective of this study was to design, construct and monitor a PMOB capable of abating fugitive CH4 emissions from a closed landfill in a cold climate environment. This thesis presents key design considerations and features, PMOB monitoring equipment and practices, and assesses the PMOB efficiency. Methane oxidation efficiencies between 73 and 100% were achieved during the monitoring period. Overall, the PMOB construction and monitoring results supported evidence that the designed PMOB was capable of abating fugitive CH4 emissions.

Landfill management, Landfill gas, Passive methane oxidation biosystem, Biofilter, Methane mitigation, Greenhouse gas abatement