The accessibility of lottery products to underage youth

Jaglowitz, Lina
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University of Guelph

This thesis investigated the accessibility of lottery products to underage youth through retail outlets. As youth gambling continues to become a growing problem, it is important to expand the level of inquiry and gather information about how youth access gambling opportunities and how various forces may serve to facilitate youth participation in this activity. The results of this study are alarming, revealing an overall rate of illegal lottery ticket sales to youth by store clerks of 62%. The various clerk, youth and store level variables that influence the accessibility of lottery products to youth were identified and analyzed. Linking theoretical insights from several disciplines, this study uncovers valuable information regarding the factors contributing to youth access to lottery tickets that would be useful in the subsequent development of educational efforts as well as targeted enforcement strategies that will help restrict the supply of gambling products to vulnerable, underage youth.

accessibility, lottery products, underage youth, retail outlets, youth gambling