O. A. C. Review Volume XXI Issue 3, December 1908

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Ontario Agricultural College

This is a special expanded Christmas issue. This issue contains diverse articles from travel diaries for Rome and Holland, to Canadianism and national identity. Agricultural articles pertain to Canadian agricultural history, cattle breeding, wheat hybridization, and the treatment of smut fungus. Horticultural articles address the scenery of rural Ontario, and Christmas fruits from Florida. Campus news provides a retrospective on the O. A. C. and the Athletics Association. The Macdonald Institute has a larger column with articles on women and agriculture, foreign Christmas traditions Macdonald girls have experienced, the Halloween reception, and activities of the Y. W. C. A., Literary Society, and women's field hockey team. Alumni news is available in the Our Old Boys column and contains a photograph of the original main building with The Portico.

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