Between Objection and Injection: A Thematic Analysis of Ontarians' Perspectives on a COVID-19 Vaccine

Nelson, Vivian
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University of Guelph

To better understand opinions and concerns around COVID-19 vaccine development and uptake, forty Ontarians were interviewed about their perspectives on a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Participants described concerns about 1) the expedited development timeline of a COVID-19 vaccine, 2) the safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself, 3) the timing of personal vaccine uptake relative to other Canadians and 4) whom to trust for information when making personal vaccine decisions. These findings suggest that Ontarians are concerned about the shortened timeframe within which a COVID-19 vaccine was developed. Participants were particularly concerned that this shortened timeframe might result in decreased safety and efficacy standards, and perceived these decreased standards as a potential catalyst for severe detrimental side effects and/or ineffective vaccines. Participants described the timing of their personal vaccine decisions as well as the sources to whom they turned for information about the vaccine as means to mitigate potential harm.

COVID-19, Vaccine Decisions, Vaccine Hesitancy