The CheapGrid 2.0: Building a more flexible, reliable, inexpensive grid system

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Yan, Zijian
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University of Guelph

This thesis is a study of modern grid system research in which we present CheapGrid 2.0. Our goal is to make CheapGrid 2.0 more flexible, cheaper in shipping to multiple platforms, and also to make it comply with the Open Grid Service Architecture. Then CheapGrid 2.0 can be easier to integrate with other grid systems, since the Open Grid Service Architecture is already an open standard in the world of grid computing. In CheapGrid 2.0, we provide a resource sharing infrastructure, data sharing functionality, and security protection technology. CheapGrid 2.0 can be deployed on multiple operating systems including Linux/Unix, Mac, and Windows. Its jobs can be defined through an XML-based job description language that is also used by the job files of Globus. Furthermore, we also provide Java Client APIs besides C/C++ dynamic library for CheapGrid 2.0. Users have multiple choices in the development languages for their client applications. Web Service support for CheapGrid 2.0 can easily be accomplished in future work.

grid system, CheapGrid 2.0, Open Grid Service Architecture, grid computing, resource sharing infrastructure, data sharing functionality, security protection technology