A Case Study on the Replicability of the RHPMAN Data Storage Scheme

Asch, Marshall
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University of Guelph

Mobile ad hoc Networks (MANETs) show promise to reduce the impact of insufficient network infrastructure on remote communities. Data replication and storage schemes are critical components for bridging the gap between academic ideas and feasible real world applications. However, repeatability of research experiments within the academic field of MANET research must be demonstrated in order to evaluate and develop new potential solutions to the data storage problem and the digital divide. The Replication in Highly Partitioned Mobile ad hoc Networks (RHPMAN) data storage scheme has several appealing characteristics such as partition awareness and a built-in mechanism to disseminate data to disjoined network partitions. In this thesis we create an open source implementation of the storage scheme and unsuccessfully replicate the initial experiment, which illustrates a greater problem in MANET research. This was supported through the development of a suite of tools and a framework for conduction MANET experiments.

MANETs, Mobile ad hoc Networks, Data storage schemes, simulations, mesh networks
I. Savi ?�c, M. Asch, K. Rourke, F. Safari, P. Houlding, J. Fraeys de Veubeke, J. Ernst, and D. Gillis. M-ODD: A Standard Protocol for Reporting MANET Related Models, Simulations, and Findings. In 2021 13th EAI International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks June 2021. 10.1007/978-3-030-98005-4 9.
M. Asch, P. F. Seymour, J. Ernst, and D. Gillis. Incorporation of Node Mobility in Data Replication Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. In 2019 IEEE 10th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON), pages 0230�??0236, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Oct. 2019. IEEE. 10.1109/IEMCON.2019.8936268.