Clean Up Rural Beaches 1994-1995 annual report

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Soucek, Marta
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

In 1991, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE) has initiated a 10 year Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program in order to reduce bacterial pollution in rural swimming beaches throughout the province. The Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) became involved in the CURB program in the spring of 1992. Within two years, the Rural Beaches Study Program has researched sources of bacterial pollution in the West Credit River Watershed. The study has identified and categorized, based on mathematical modeling, sources of bacterial pollution that contribute to the Belfountain swimming beach water quality degradation. The 1993 CURB Plan report summarized all finding, recommended remedial measures and estimated remedial measure costs. 1994 became the first of the five year implementation window, when grant money provided by the MOEE enables farmers and other watershed residents to carry out projects for improving water quality in the watershed. This report presents an overview on projects the CVC CURB Review Committee dealt with in 1994 and activities undertaken during the year.

Rural Beaches Strategy (RBS) Program
Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program
watershed, rural beaches, water quality, pollution, conservation practices, bacteria, manure management, modelling