O. A. C. Review Volume XLII Issue 6, February 1930

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Ontario Agricultural College

Agricultural articles in this issue pertain to increasing dairy production in Saskatchewan, breeding profitable Holstein cattle, and the domestication of llamas. Profiled in this issue is the research conducted by the Apiculture and Chemistry Departments. The Horticulture column provides an article regarding outdoor storage of vegetables. The Poultry column contains articles on the World's Poultry Congress in London, England, and the Canadian Chantecler breed developed by Brother Wilfrid of Oka. Other articles address the planned European tour with the National Federation of University Students and the successful annual meeting of The Agricultural and Experimental Union. Campus news reports on the potential benefits of utilizing moving pictures as an educational medium, the concert by the Toronto Ukrainian Choir, and various dances and banquets. The Macdonald Institute column details an obituary for Miss Edith Frazer, the success of the women's athletic teams, and alumnae activities. While the Alumni column provides alumni updates.

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