Utilization of a Co-Extruded Mixture of Flaxseed and Pulses (linPRO) in Broiler Breeders

Thanabalan, Aizwarya
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University of Guelph

The objective of this thesis is to examine utilization of a co-extruded mixture of flaxseed and pulses (linPRO) in broiler breeders (BB). BB were fed a basal corn and soybean meal diet or the basal diet plus linPRO with or without fibre degrading enzyme (FDE). Ileal digesta and excreta samples were collected for determination of standardized ileal digestible amino acids (SID of AA) and apparent metabolizable energy (AME). Samples of egg and liver were collected to evaluate enrichment of egg yolk with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), with specific focus on ω-3 fatty acid and crude fat content of liver. BB digested significantly more amino acids and energy in the control and linPRO diets than broiler chicks and there was no effect of FDE Feeding linPRO significantly increased levels of ALA and DHA in the egg without adverse effect on liver.

broiler breeder, flaxseed, enrichment of egg