Deconstructing child care: understanding the factors impacting upon staff turnover in child care centres

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Marshall, Stephanie
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University of Guelph

Using the 'You Bet I Care!' (1998) cross-Canada dataset, this study establishes the validity of the Marshall/Lero model of staff turnover in centre-based child care. Eighty-two percent of the variance in staff's intent to leave their centre was predicted from the staff's level of burnout, job satisfaction, and their perception of the quality of their centre. These three factors were influenced by one's level of supervisor support, co-worker relations, decision-making opportunities, perceived fairness of the reward system, wages, benefits, and position. In turn, perception of the fairness of the reward system, wages, and benefits are influenced by many organizational characteristics including the child vacancy rate at the centre, the staff turnover rate at the centre in the previous year, the amount of funding the centre receives from government sources, and the number of subsidized children at the centre. Province and auspice further influence these organizational characteristics.

Child care centres, Staff, Turnover, Marshall/Lero model, Factors