Evolution of Stratigraphic Models in a Fluvial Deltaic Wedge: Implications for Hydrogeology in the Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation

Glas, Nathan Harrison
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University of Guelph

This study investigates the Dunvegan Formation, an important aquifer system within the Liard Basin and Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Concerns surrounding contamination of fresh groundwater resources within the Northwest Territories (NWT) arose due to potential unconventional oil and gas development within their borders and adjacent past and active development. These concerns resulted in a comprehensive baseline study to characterize groundwater quality and quantity within the NWT portion of the Liard Basin near the Hamlet of Fort Liard, currently reliant on groundwater. This study utilizes historic and newly collected data from surface geophysics, outcrop descriptions and rock core drilling to update the conceptual model for the Dunvegan Formation across the WCSB and within the Liard Basin, and better document aquifer and aquitard properties. The proposed sequence stratigraphic conceptual model of the Dunvegan Formation provides a 3D framework for future groundwater characterization and monitoring system installations in the Liard Basin.

Dunvegan Formation, Liard Basin, Hydrogoelogy, Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model, Hydrogeologic Units, Baseline Groundwater Monitoring, Sequence Stratigraphic Framework, Bedrock Aquifer