O. A. C. Review Volume XXXVII Issue 6, February 1925

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue begins with a tribute to Dr. J. Hugo Reed, Professor of Veterinary Science. Agricultural articles pertain to creating antifreeze mixtures, the commercial incubator in the poultry industry, and sales efficiency in the dairy industry. Other articles address the meaning of "bluestockings" in literary circles, the value of college debates, and the will of William Dunlop. Published in this issue is the first prize essay for the O. A. C. Review competition. The editorial debates the merits of also publishing a weekly student newspaper and reviving college songs. The highlight of the campus news is the success of the first College Royal. Other campus news reports on a farewell party for alumni leaving to work in Cuba, the Short Course Reception, the annual banquet for the freshmen, and the Union Literary Society meeting. The Alumni column provides an update of alumni activities. The Macdonald Institute column highlights a comparison between Macdonald Institute and Mississippi State College, and a proposed coat-of-arms for the girls.

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