Planning for Research Dissemination: Tools and strategies for impact

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Burpee, K. Jane
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In the words of the 2003 Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, “Disseminating knowledge is only half complete if the information is not made widely and readily available to society.” The declaration intersects with the goals and ideals of community based researchers who seek to make positive social change in their communities and beyond. By making research findings, including data, public and fully searchable, the broadest dissemination will take place. Powerful tools can be used which demonstrate shared values and reach. Researchers are embracing new technology and new social media to broadly disseminate their research findings and assess the impact with the support from librarians and other technologists. The presentation shared some of these emerging dissemination strategies, reviewed open access environments and best practices in using social media tools to announce findings and link back to papers. It showcased alternative metrics which can be used to track usage and assess impact for funders and others wishing to see a return from research investments. Dialogue during the roundtable discussions encouraged attendees to share their personal strategies and experiences.

This is the poster that accompanied the presentation.
research dissemination, open access, scholarly communication, community engaged scholarship, research shops, living knowledge