An agricultural land protection program for Ontario: A discussion paper

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
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Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The Province of Ontario is committed to the protection of Ontario's agriculture resource base. Public debate on the topic has identified a number of options for proceeding with such protection. This discussion paper provides information on a number of options for action, recognizing that there may be others which may be identified during the consultation. The paper also poses a number of questions related to these options. The questions will help readers form their respective positions on the options. This discussion paper will be used in broad public consultation on agricultural land use during 1992. The consultation exercise provides a forum for a full discussion of options for action on agricultural land protection. The answers to the questions will help to assess the effectiveness and implications of the options. The results of the consultation will be used to develop a provincial program for agricultural land protection. Part II outlines principal components of a provincial expression of interest in agricultural land: definition of agricultural areas; permitted land uses in agricultural areas;severances; and conversion of agricultural land to other uses. The options for supportive measures presented in Part III may be used by different levels of government to help facilitate or achieve agricultural land protection. These supportive measures are all optional activities that may not necessarily be implemented. Part IV of the discussion paper presents implementation options for an agricultural land protection program. Two implementation issues are discussed: tools for implementation (ie. policy statement or legislation); and provincial and municipal government roles (ie. their relationships and responsibilities).

Land Use Planning & Sustainable Development
agriculture, land use, land severance, land conversion, agricultural land protection, land trusts, conservation easements, taxation, support program,