Designing and Commissioning of a Prototype High Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detection System at the Canadian Light Source

Thomas, Evan
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University of Guelph

This thesis can be viewed as a feasibility study into running a High Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detection system for x-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Hard X-ray MicroAnalysis beamline at the Canadian Light Source. This study was carried out through the construction of an x-ray photon energy analyzer system based around a single Johann crystal on a Rowland circle with a half meter diameter. Using this system high resolution scans of cinnabar (HgS-α) and metacinnabar (HgS-β) were collected and compared to conventional fluorescence results. A dramatic increase in spectral sharpness was observed showing the validity and capability of this technique. The results attained are comparable to results acquired at other synchrotron facilities using a variety of x-ray sources and beamline optics. Further testing and refinement at HXMA is expected to progress this technique to a user operable state. Ideally this is work is just the first steps in making High Energy Resolution Fluorescence detection available in Canada.