Nutritional status of 6, 7, and 8 year-old boys in Southwestern Ontario: A sub-study of ZIP

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Vresk, Laura J.
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University of Guelph

Nutritional status of Canadian children has not been comprehensively assessed in almost twenty years. The Zinc Intake Project provided an opportunity to obtain information on the dietary intake, anthropometric status, and biochemical profiles of 27 6-8 year-old boys in Southwestern Ontario. Findings indicate 68% of participants did not meet recommendations for servings of vegetables and fruits and that they should increase their consumption of milk products and fish. Intakes of vitamin D and calcium were also inadequate. Slightly lower proportions of the sample (18%) were classified as at risk for overweight or overweight than the Canadian population (26%). Biochemical profiles showed that all participants had normal proxy iron status. However, a concerning proportion (14%, 11%) of children had increased total and LDL-cholesterols. It is important that children be encouraged to meet recommendations concerning diet and growth as many lifestyle habits are formed during this critical developmental stage.

nutritional status, Canadian children, Zinc Intake Project, dietary intake, anthropometric status, biochemical profiles, boys, Southwestern Ontario