Beautiful is not always Better: The Role of Brand Maturity in the Impact of Model Attractiveness on Advertising Effectiveness

Umoru, Annette
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University of Guelph

The goal of this thesis was to identify conditions in which averagely attractive models can be just as effective or even more effective than highly attractive models in advertising. Specifically, this thesis investigates the potential moderating role of brand maturity on the impact of model attractiveness on advertising effectiveness, as well as its potential interaction with product category. Brand maturity was found to have an influence on the impact of model attractiveness on advertising effectiveness, although this influence was inconsistent, in that it was present for some measures of advertising effectiveness and absent for others. Overall, it was found that model attractiveness did not impact key variables such as brand liking and purchase intentions when the brand was a mature brand. This finding has implications for companies managing mature brands, because it suggests that highly attractive models do not improve advertising effectiveness for these companies relative to averagely attractive models.

model attractiveness, advertising effectiveness, brand maturity