Inlet Gas Temperature and Velocity Effects on the Thermal Behaviour of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells within an Accelerating Vehicle

Honjo, Saki
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University of Guelph

In this study, the thermal behaviour of SOFCs within an accelerating vehicle is investigated. The inlet velocities and temperatures of the reactant gases are altered and simulated within a 3-D model. When the temperatures of the gases were equal to the initial cell temperature, the inlet velocities have an inverse relation to the overall cell temperature. Both the flow channels and gas-electrode contact surfaces decreased in temperature when the velocity of the reactant gases increased. The inlet velocities and temperature increase of the cell were shown to be proportional to each other. The second half studied the thermal behaviour within a drive cycle. The greatest temperature difference was experienced during the initial stage, where the vehicle accelerated from rest. The most favourable condition occurred when the inlet temperatures and the initial cell temperatures were equal where the smallest fluctuations in temperature was encountered, while the electrodes operated within tolerable conditions.

SOFC, solid oxide fuel cell