Allochthonous ecotonal carbon inputs to a small oligotrophic lake in central Ontario

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McCart, Robert E.
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University of Guelph

Inputs of litterfall and dissolved organic carbon in seepage water, were investigated in the ecotone at Scott Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario. Shoreline aspect as a surrogate for exposure to prevailing wind direction and terrestrial shoreline steepness were found to affect the amount of litterfall inputs to the littoral area. Mean litterfall inputs were lowest for shorelines with south-facing (windward) aspects and gentle slopes. DOC concentrations in soil water sampled at the soil-bedrock interface in near-shore areas were lower in sub-catchments with gentle slopes and deep soils (4.6-5.7 mgL\sp−1) than those with steep slopes and shallow soils (9.4-13.5 mgL\sp−1). Annual carbon inputs from seepage water (2163 to 5287 kg Cy\sp−1) were estimated to be greater than inputs from litterfall (1034 to 1378 kg Cy\sp−1). In addition, the mean carbon:nitrogen ratio for estimated annual inputs, was found to be significantly lower for soil water (7.5) than for litterfall (62).

Scott Lake, Algonqun Park, Ontario, Allochthonous ecotonal, Carbon inputs, Soil water