Pain Among Children with Intellectual Disabilities: Development and Preliminary Effectiveness of a Pain Assessment and Management Training Workshop for Respite Workers

Genik, Lara M.
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University of Guelph

Pain among children with intellectual disabilities (ID) is common and complex. There is no pain assessment and management training program for respite workers (RW) who frequently care for these children. Objectives: (1) determine RW's pain training needs and preferences, (2) develop and pilot a pain training program. Methods: Twenty-two RW described their experiences with pain in children with ID, their perceived training needs and preferences. Fifty other RW then completed knowledge measures and ratings before and after a pain training program, and a program evaluation. Results/Discussion: Participants viewed pain training as beneficial. Their ideal training program involved a half-day, multifaceted in person program utilizing active learning. Completion of the training significantly increased pain-related knowledge (r = .81 - .88), and pain assessment and management-related ratings (r = .41 - .70). The training was rated favourably. Future research should evaluate the program in a randomized controlled trial.

Pain, children with intellectual disabilities, respite, pain assessment, pain management