Clean Up Rural Beaches broad environmental accounting method

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All Clean-Up-Rural-Beaches, (CURB) Plans developed to date by participating Conservation Authorities were reviewed with the purpose of developing a consistent means of quantifying the environmental progress of the Provincial CURB Implementation Program. Staff of each Conservation Authority which had completed CURB Plans were requested to provide any other published studies completed under the program, which may provide additional data to quantify the effectiveness of practices. Conclusions were derived based on the collected information. From these, a simplified consistent means of quantifying environmental progress versus program grant expenditures was developed. The environmental accounting technique was developed to be simple so that a management burden would not be created and all areas could apply it easily. It was based on the best-available data recognizing that improvements would be a continuous evolving process. The method was developed into a spreadsheet format. Average remedial costs were taken from the data collected during the first year of implementation and are included in the spreadsheet. However, local costs are also accommodated and should be used to compare to the average provincial cost. Rural Beaches Programs are at various stages of progress throughout the province. Some local programs have advanced into their implementation phases while others are just beginning their investigation phases. With the first official year of CURB Implementation underway, it was considered necessary to develop a consistent means of progress-measurement that publically accounts for the dollars spent through quantitative environmental benefits.

Rural Beaches Strategy (RBS) Program
Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program
watershed, rural beaches, water quality, pollution, conservation practices, environmental accounting, economics