Collection Update No. 4

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University of Guelph Library

Collection Update is published by the University of Guelph Library from time to time. The purpose of this series is to make the university community, other university libraries and the interested public at large more aware of the resources of the library with particular reference to the notable or unusual works in its collection. It is entirely appropriate that this issue should be devoted to articles related to the library's chief areas of collection strength: agricultural and regional history. The unique Turner collection of material on early threshing equipment, the Seed Catalogue Collection, The Farmer's Advocate, the Ontario Archive indexes and the Henry Wissler Papers all help to unfold the early agricultural and social history of the region. The rare edition of Snape is important in the annals of veterinary medicine while even the apparently exotic topic of imperial gardens in China will be of interest to students of landscape architecture.

collection holdings, University of Guelph Library, Archival and Special Collections, archives, special collections, notable works, unusual works, agricultural and regional history