Longevity of Turf Response to Agrium AT Slow and Controlled Release Fertilizers – 2012 trial

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Lyons, E.
Jordan, K.
Carey, K.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

The objective of this research project was to quantify turf response to a one-time application of coated urea fertilizers on Kentucky bluegrass turf on a soil rootzone. The longevity of turf response was compared between slow release and controlled release fertilizers. Turf performance was assessed for colour, quality, uniformity, and density through visual ratings as well as normalized-difference vegetation index (NDVI) readings. Shoot growth was measured through dry weights of clippings that were collected periodically. All treatments except one showed a significant improvement in colour and growth compared to the control plots. Fertilizer effects were seen within 10 days and persisted for the entirety of the 20 week data collection period. The average gain of fertilized treatments over control was 2.5 ranks in visual colour ratings or 0.12 units for NDVI. There were significant differences found between treatments in both strength of response and days to maximum release, again with the exception of one treatment.

Annual reports, Kentucky bluegrass, Agrium Advanced Technologies, Guelph Turfgrass Institute, 2012, urea, fertilizer, rootzone, home lawn, NDVI, shoot growth, slow release, controlled release
Lyons, E., Jordan, K., Carey, K. 2012. Longevity of turf response to Agrium AT slow and controlled release fertilizers – 2012 trial. Agrium Advanced Technologies.