Urban form, transit space, and the public realm

Cruceru, Ana
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University of Guelph

Although transit nodes such as subway stations, bus stops, rail stations or air terminals area common presence in the contemporary urban setting, they are rarely integrated conceptually into the urban fabric and public context of a given locale. They are generally seen as utilitarian solutions to the burden of traffic and transit, when it is sensed that, in contrast, they have the potential to re-energize public transit and contribute to the urban form and public realm. This research examined the contemporary concerns emerging from theories regarding the city and the public realm. It synthesized those significant principles believed to generate good urban form and public spaces and analyzed their implications in re-informing the transit node concept as urban component and public interface. It was concluded that an improved transit node would catalyze positive synergies between urban form, the public realm, and the related concept of public transit.

transit nodes, urban fabric, public context, public transit, improved transit node, urban form, public realm, public transit