The influence of sarcomerogenesis on the history dependence of force

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Chen, Jackey
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University of Guelph

The increase/decrease in isometric force following active muscle lengthening/shortening, relative to a reference isometric contraction at the same muscle length and level of activation, are referred to as residual force enhancement (rFE) and residual force depression (rFD), respectively. The purpose of my thesis was to gain further mechanistic insight into the trainability of rFE and rFD, on the basis of serial sarcomere number (SSN) alterations to length-dependent properties. Maximal rFE/rFD measures from the soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL) of rats were compared after 4 wks of uphill/downhill running. SSN for the soleus were greater with downhill compared to uphill running, with a trend towards more SSN for the EDL from downhill compared to no running. In contrast, absolute and normalized rFE/rFD did not differ across training groups for either muscle. As such, it appears that training-induced SSN adaptations do not modify rFE/rFD at the whole-muscle level.

History dependence, Force enhancement, Force depression, Rat, Training, Muscle, Sarcomerogenesis